Ghosted? What to do when a client doesn't pay up!

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We have a great podcast for you this week hopefully solving the age old issue of a client not coughing up the goods – that client who refuses to pay you after all of the video work you did. Freelancing in the video production world does have its perks but one of the down sides is that risk that your client won’t pay on time and is seemingly unreachable.

In the dating world, when someone stops calling and seems to have fallen off the radar completely, it’s referred to as “ghosting” As you can imagine, getting ditched by last night’s dinner date is disappointing, but it’s not nearly as traumatic as being ghosted by a client you’ve spent a lot of time and did lots of work for, but suddenly disappear on you…not cool!

Today’s guest is Dee Bowden, she teaches small business owners how to reconcile, resolve & recover OLD and OWED invoices to improve their cash flow. She just came out with a brand new book called “Collect the Cash” a great resource for anyone who needs a strategy to deal with that ghosting client.

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