Version 19.12.31 (aka 19.13) is now available for DOWNLOAD!

Unfortunately, version 19.12.16 introduced a major new bug when moving clips
on the Timeline with Ripple on
. This version not only fixes that but also
includes a highly requested feature that was a year end goal: moving
multiple clips on the Timeline
! In addition, two more video scopes were
added: RGB Parade and RGB Waveform.

Screenshot of RGB Parade and Waveform Scopes

Other Changes and Fixes

  • Allow reducing track height to very short in Timeline and Keyframes.
  • Fixed crackly audio playback for some Windows users.
  • Fixed loading project files made before v19.06 when not using a period for a
    decimal point.
  • Fixed Lift and Ripple Delete on Timeline not reliably removing all
  • Fixed checking Properties > Image sequence may not update duration in
  • Fixed the intra-VLC and non-linear-quantizer options in the XDCAM-422 and D10
    export presets.