Some of these listener questions are off the wall crazy!

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Welcome to this edition of the DV Show Podcast!

Yes, we are on a mission to rid this world of bad video. This week, we’re going back to our roots and what we started on 16 years ago…answering listener questions related to digital video production….this is our way of helping you create better video. This time, we have an entire team of professionals from all over the world taking part in the discussions thanks to social audio apps!

We know the entire video production process is not for everyone. It can easily become overwhelming, time consuming, intimidating, and technical when all you want to do is create a video that works for you. The options are daunting – and that’s why we’re here.

Whether it’s about a video marketing strategy, videos for your business, what is the easiest software and equipment to get it all done quick, creative, technical or business…this podcast, our website and a crack team of seasoned professionals are all available right now to help enable you to create a strategy that gets results.

You’re saving hours of time and money with our advice because we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to video production. It helps to have our experience and know-how in your corner.

With that all said let’s take our first listener question…

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