The Easy Way to Add Video to Your Amazon Listings

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You know that space on the left side of an Amazon listing displaying a product video? It’s the first spot buyers go to learn more about what is being sold. It’s not an easy space to get a video there. Amazon knows the power video has over the buyer and this area of a listing is prime real estate that makes people rich. It’s exclusive to only those who have the intel to get into that prime spot…until now!

On this podcast, we’re breaking the code, exposing the insider secrets, and answering questions on how to get video on top of your Amazon product listing by cutting through all of the jargon that Amazon uses to purposely throttle back your success.

We have our social audio app experts chiming in and Yakov Feglien, an experienced Amazon expert, is taking the risk and giving us the secret insider info to share with us. This is big business for video professionals AND sellers if they have this knowledge!

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