The Specialized World of Product Video Production

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We’re getting a lot of questions on product video production after our last podcast…amazing how many questions you have! So on this edition of the DV show Podcast, we are bringing back this theme for the second time. It’s my favorite subject anyway: video production for E commerce! Creating product videos… it’s an entirely different world.

The audience you’re selling to is different, the audience you’re creating videos for is different. There are specific lengths to adhere to, social media platforms to think about, search engine optimization…and the list goes on!

That;s why we have Brett Lindenberg from on the podcast to answer a question and offer a discount for his product. Our social audio app experts are ready to chime in with feedback and advice, and I can’t wait to tell you what is in the download vault this week – some great deals and discount codes to use but you have to get your key – it’s free!

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